Who am I?

Well, take a look around: not really a web developer! Right now I’m working as a site reliability engineer at Datadog in Manhattan, previously working on distributed query execution at ActionIQ.

In May of 2018, I graduated from the University of Rochester (in tropical Rochester NY), with a B.S. in Computer Science and a B.A. in Math. This was a great place for me, allowing me to push the limits of what I thought I could achieve – covering all kinds of algorithms and complexity theory by day, but by night, it was all advances in compiled languages and concepts for safer effect management (stuff I still love keeping up with today – there is constantly fascinating progress in this area)!

Since then, I spent two years at ActionIQ, a CDP (“customer data platform”, kind of a data warehouse tuned for marketing). This was a fantastic experience for me – not only did I love working with such talented and motivated people, but being part of such a small team (the whole backend team being just 8 people when I joined, I think) meant I had to wear a hundred different hats in order to be an effective engineer.

Each of those 100 hats taught me something new about what it means to make change in a software platform – from the sexy parts (designing and implementing reactive autoscaling solutions, very cool) to the less sexy toil (getting alerted at 3AM when that autoscaling breaks, and trying to roll back cloud infrastructure changes all bleary-eyed). However, I noticed a common theme in almost all of those roles: that if we just consider a bit more how these systems might break while we build them, and thus aim for the most simple and robust solution we can, we have exponentially more confidence in it operationally and can iterate on it faster, too – which makes developers happy.

This desire led me to SRE, which led me to Datadog, and now I’m now working on just those kinds of solutions.

And, outside of the black hole that is tech, I like to make lists, lists of lists, and very mediocre cups of coffee (given how much effort I put into it). In terms of actual hobbies, my favorite way to unwind is to get on my bike (a beautiful steel All City Mr. Pink) and push out a few miles on a Sunday morning before things get too busy. I’ve also recently been getting into all things small, sustainable, independent, and local. To get a taste of what I mean, here are a few things I’m enjoying reading about or being involved with: