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The short version:

  • 2014 to 2018, studied (degrees in math and CS) at University of Rochester
  • 2018 to 2020, worked on distributed query execution at ActionIQ in Manhattan
  • 2020 to 2023, worked on site reliability at Datadog in Manhattan

A few paragraphs more:

I’m a software person. I’ve been messing with computers since middle school (I remember coming this close to getting a copy of Mandriva Linux I’d burned onto a CD-RW installed in a school computer lab, much to my teacher’s chagrin). I started programming in high school and never looked back; the decade-plus of learning the subject has given me is a gift.

Studying computer science and math in college was a fun experience. It was almost entirely theory (since, if you were studying CS for the sake of, you know, writing programs, you would be going to RIT two miles down the road). But I still took a lot away from it.

After graduating, I spent about two years at a marketing tech company (helping build a data warehouse off of Apache Spark), and then about three years at an infrastructure observability company (helping ensure the dozens of metrics services didn’t collapse under ever-multiplying intake). I also really enjoyed my time in these places; they taught me a lot about some right and wrong choices that can be made designing a distributed system.

Today, I like to build straightforward, reliable software with straightforward, reliable people.

If you want to reach out, my email is in the “contact” tab (please no recruiters for hedge funds or investment banks), or, check out some other neat stuff I’ve been up to.

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